Microsoft 365 Insider ​for Business​

Microsoft 365 Insider builds are available in a variety of installation options and enable you to explore features prior to the next Microsoft 365 update in your organization.

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Make Microsoft 365 your productivity engine​

We offer you an opportunity to validate builds so that you can deploy them confidently at scale.
We also enable you to evaluate, explore, and provide feedback about new Microsoft 365 builds and features before general availability. ​

Accelerate deployment​

Validate Microsoft 365 features prior to deploying them broadly and ensure that applications will continue to work successfully with the latest updates.​

Report ​issues

Submit feedback on behalf of your organization and help shape Microsoft 365 for your specific business needs.​

Preview new features

Get a sneak peek of upcoming features and identify the ways they can be best leveraged in your organization.​

Support adoption

Facilitate change management and speed up the adoption of Microsoft 365 capabilities.​

What’s New

Check out the latest productivity features in Microsoft 365 Insider channels.​

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