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View Source for emails in Outlook for Mac

Feature deep dive
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Hi, Insiders! My name is Priya Ganta, and I’m a Program Manager on the Outlook for Mac team. I am thrilled to share with you that the View Source feature is now available for email messages in the new Outlook for Mac.

View Source in Outlook emails for Mac

Viewing all the information about the source of an email is one of the best ways to check its authenticity and assess whether it’s a spam or phishing message with a spoofed address. If you check the header information and discover that the message is spam, you can easily add the sender to your blocked senders list. 

How it works

Ready to give it a try?

  1. To view the full email header in Outlook, just right-click the email in the message list and select View Source in the context menu.

Screenshot showing View Source option for Outlook on Mac

2. This opens the email header information in the default text editor for your review.

Full email header information in text editor (using View Source option in Mac Outlook)


This feature is available only in the new Outlook for Mac. Need to get the new Outlook for Mac? Check this page!


This feature is available to Beta Channel users running Version 16.51 (Build 21062402) or later.

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