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Hi, Microsoft 365 Insiders! My name is Greeshma Marri, and I’m a Senior Product Manager on the Microsoft Designer team. I’m excited to introduce a new and improved, AI-powered feature within Designer that helps create complete brand kits that you can apply to any design, just by typing a short description. 

Transform your brand description into a stunning brand kit

Designer simplifies the process of creating your personal brand kit, ensuring your designs consistently match your unique personal style. Whether it’s for college applications, a passion project, or a meaningful event (like a wedding or milestone birthday), just type in a short description and Designer will generate a brand kit with logos, color palettes, fonts, colors, and even suggests a brand voice (like “warm and inviting”).    

If you already have a logo or your own custom fonts, you can easily upload them for further personalization. You control the customization, making it truly your own. Apply your brand kit effortlessly to your designs, and infuse your personal brand voice to text, image captions, and hashtags.  Stand out by letting your designs reflect your unique style and personality with brand kit.  

Animated GIF of the brand kit creation processHow it works

  1. Visit Microsoft Designer and log in using your personal Microsoft email account credentials (such as or, or sign up for one if you don’t have one. 
  2. On the left menu, select Brand kit and get started by describing your brand in a few phrases. 
  3. Choose from the brand kit suggestions that include logos, fonts, color palette, and brand voice (like “bold and exciting”, or “warm and inviting”). 
  4. Select a brand kit from the suggestions Designer provides and customize things further by changing colors and uploading your own logo or custom fonts. 
  5. Review the brand voice that Designer generates based on the description of your brand to help you communicate with a consistent voice and tone. 

Brand voice on text                                                                                                    Brand voice on image

Brand voice applied to captions and hashtags

Brand voice on captions and hashtags

Scenarios to try

  • Create a name and add a description to your brand (for example “brand kit for a book club I host”)  and check out the unique brand kit suggestions that Designer provides, based on your brand description. 
  • Select a brand kit from the suggestions. You can choose to keep any of the elements suggested or customize things further by uploading your own logo or fonts. 
  • Save the brand kit and apply this brand along with logo, fonts, and colors to any designs you create in Designer. 
  • Generate text, images and captions & hashtags for your post by applying your personal brand voice generated from brand kit. 

Known limitations

  • Designer is currently only available in English.   
  • You need to sign up/sign in with a Microsoft email account (,, and more). Work and other accounts are not currently supported.  
  • Brand kit in Designer is currently available only on desktop (Windows and Mac) and is accessible through any web browser.  
  • Designer does not currently support saving multiple brand kits. Support for multiple brand kits will be available at a later time.  


The preview of the Microsoft Designer app is available for free. A paid subscription will be required to continue using some of these features at a later date.  


We’d love to know what you think about Designer!  You can submit your thoughts by clicking the Feedback button within Designer or by connecting with us on  Instagram , X (formerly Twitter), or TikTok

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