Audio recording feature in Clipchamp

Exploring Microsoft Clipchamp's latest audio improvements 

Feature deep dive
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Hello, Microsoft 365 Insiders! We’re excited to share updates about new and improved audio features in Clipchamp as well as an overview of upcoming features and product improvements to help meet all your video creation and editing needs.   

Exploring Microsoft Clipchamp’s latest audio improvements  

Audio recording  

Recording voiceovers is now possible with our new audio recording feature. To give it try:  

  1. On the Record and Create tab in the sidebar, select Audio.
  2. Create up to 30-minute recordings in one go, then add them to your video.
  3. Make any edits you want in the timeline.   

Not only can voiceovers enhance engagement, and make your content more polished and professional, but they can also be used to create automatic captions.   

Available to all customers using a Personal account.

Audio recording feature in Clipchamp

Text to speech editing

We’ve made text to speech in Clipchamp more efficient and versatile to enhance productivity. You can now add a text to speech track item, and then change the language, voice, emotion, pitch, as well as edit the script from the property panel. By leveraging these new capabilities, you can both fine-tune your script and make those last-minute changes while also updating the voice track as you go. We’ve also added a pace option so you can change the speed of your AI voiceover.

Available to all customers using a Personal account and has started rolling out to customers using a Work account. 

Text to speech editing in Clipchamp

What’s coming soon to Clipchamp?  

Editing audio recordings is getting even easier! We’re excited to announce an upcoming feature rolling out in the coming months called silence removal. With a few clicks you’ll be able to see where long silences are in your audio tracks and choose to remove some or all of them automatically. This will be beneficial if you’re looking to edit podcast recordings, long meetings, educational videos and voiceovers.

Will be available to customers using a Personal account, starting in February for free in preview; post-preview will be available as part of a Clipchamp premium subscription. 

Silence removal feature in Clipchamp


We’d love to hear from you! Personal users can submit feedback here and commercial users can let us know what they think by using the Submit feedback button in the editor. 

More info 

For more information on the difference between Clipchamp for Work and Personal accounts, please visit our support page.