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Using Outlook on public Wi-Fi networks just got easier

Feature deep dive
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Hi! I’m Jon LeCroy, a Program Manager on the Outlook team. I’m excited to share that accessing Outlook on public Wi-Fi networks is now easier than ever. Have you ever had to sign in on a web page before joining a Wi-Fi network? In situations like these, Outlook now helps you get connected.

Accessing Outlook on public Wi-Fi

When you join a hotel Wi-Fi or another captive portal where you need to sign in via web page to finish connecting, Outlook used to display technical SSL errors. It didn’t make it evident that to join, the sign-in process needed to be completed on a web page. We’ve heard your feedback and have simplified the process.

Now, with some help from Windows 10, we detect when you need to sign in using a web page and let you know! No more SSL errors, now just a bar, right below the Outlook ribbon, that tells you what’s happening and provides a link to finish connecting.
To give it a try, join a Wi-Fi network that requires a web page interaction to gain network access (Starbucks, Gogo Inflight, etc.)

Wifi on public networks


This feature is available in Outlook for Windows for Current Channel (Preview) users on Version 2004 (Build 12730.20150) or later.

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