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Record customized camera feeds with cameo in PowerPoint for Mac

Feature deep dive
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Hey, Office Insiders! My name is Ridhima Gupta, and I’m a Product Manager on the Office Video team. Previously, we let you know about adding a live camera feed with cameo in PowerPoint for Mac. Today, we’re excited to announce that cameo is now available when recording slide shows, allowing you to personalize your camera feed for recorded video stories in PowerPoint for Mac.

Record customized camera feed with cameo

You can now make the video recording of your presentation even more personal and create immersive stories. With cameo supported when recording slide shows in PowerPoint for Mac, you can customize your camera feed’s appearance before you record. You can apply your favorite camera styles, shapes, and sizes to cameo, and choose the perfect place on the slide for your camera feed.

How it works

  1. Open a presentation that you want to record and share.
  2. On the Recording tab, select Cameo to add your custom camera feed to the slides.
  3. Recording tab on the ribbon with the Export button highlighted in PowerPoint for Mac
    Use the Camera Format options to customize your camera using styles, shapes and size, and then select the Camera Preview button to review your live camera feed.
  4. Recording tab on the ribbon in PowerPoint for Mac
    When you’re done customizing and are ready to record your video, select RecordingRecord Slide Show.
  5. Camera Format tab on the ribbon in PowerPoint for MacSelect the record button  to start recording a video of your presentation. Your video will be recorded exactly as you had styled for your slide.

Animation of recording customized camera feed with cameo

  1. To review your video, click the Play preview button.
  2. If you’re not satisfied, select the Delete button, and then select the Record button to re-record your video. Don’t worry, your camera will appear just as you styled 😊
  3. When you’re happy with your recording, select Export to export your presentation as a video.

Recording tab on the ribbon with the Record Slide Show button highlighted in PowerPoint for Mac

Tips and tricks

  • Impress your audience with creative storytelling with different text and camera layouts, such as adding text in front or behind your camera feed.
  • Create an engaging story using the power of transitions when moving from slide to slide by clicking the Transitions tab, and then selecting the one you want to use —such as Morph, Fade, and Wipe.

Transitions tab on the ribbon in PowerPoint for Mac

  • Find the best place on your slide for your camera feed and get helpful recommendations by selecting Design > Designer.


In order to use this feature, you must

  • Use a computer equipped with a webcam and microphone.
  • Have granted camera permissions to PowerPoint in your computer’s privacy settings.   

Mac screenshot showing interface for granting camera permissions to PowerPoint.Mac Security & Privacy settings screenshot showing granting camera permissions to PowerPoint.


This feature is rolling out to Insiders running Beta Channel Version 16.72 (Build 23032701) or later.

Don’t have it yet? It’s probably us, not you.

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