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Share links to Sheet views in Excel for the web

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Hi, Microsoft 365 Insiders! I’m Vinay, a Product Manager on the Excel team. I’m pleased to announce that you can now share links to existing or new Sheet views with others in Excel for the web.

Share links to Sheet views In Excel for the web

We’ve heard from many of you who are regularly using Sheet views that you’d like the ability to quickly bring others’ focus to the information that needs attention.

To address this request, we’re enabling you to share a link to a Sheet view that captures a subset of a workbook’s contents. By doing so, you can more efficiently collaborate on large or complex workbooks, and easily gather feedback and input from others. 

How it works

  1. Click the View tab, and then either click the Sheet View arrow and select an existing view in the list, or create a new sheet view. 
  2. In the Sheet view, right-click any cell or the sheet tab that contains the content you want to share, and then select Copy Link To Sheet View.
    Sharing Sheet view
  3. In the Link to Sheet message that appears, click the Close button.
  4. Share the copied link with others in the way you want (e.g., in an email message, in a Teams chat,…), or keep and use it as reference link.


This feature is available to all Excel for the web users. 


We want to hear from you! Select Help > Feedback in Excel for the web to send your thoughts about this feature.