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Export Word documents into PowerPoint presentations

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Hi, Office Insiders, my name is Mohit Anand, and I’m a Program Manager on the PowerPoint team. I’m glad to share that a new scenario is now available in Word for the webYou can now export Word documents into PowerPoint presentations. 

Word documents to PowerPoint presentations 

Have you ever wished you could easily export an existing Word document into a great PowerPoint presentation? If so, the wait is over!  

When you use the Export command, it creates a presentation based on all the summarized sections of the document. It also adds imagery, icons, videos, themes, and fonts using AI. 

PowerPoint presentations

How it works 

To turn your Word document into a PowerPoint presentation: 

  1. Open any document you want to convert into a presentation in Word for the web. 
  2. Click File > Export > Export to PowerPoint presentation. 
  3. When promptedchoose a design theme for your presentation. 
  4. Click Open presentation to review the results in PowerPoint for the web. 
  5. The presentation will be created in the OneDrive root folder of the user who used this option. 

PowerPoint Presentations

Scenarios to try 

  • Open a Word document and explore the available PowerPoint themes. 
  • Open a Word document that is mostly text and see which AI-backed assets are added by clicking on Export. 

Known Issues 

  • This feature is currently only available in English. 
  • It is not available in the Internet Explorer and Safari browser. 
  • We only support text content for the transformation to presentation, other media content support is not currently available. You can add your own media to the presentation after you have exported your Word document. 


Export your document to PowerPoint presentation is rolling out to all Word for the web users shortly.   

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