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Updates to Clipchamp that make video editing a breeze

Feature round up
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Hello, Microsoft 365 Insiders! We’re very happy to share some exciting updates that we’ve been busy creating over the last month at Clipchamp.  

Updates to Clipchamp that make video editing a breeze 

We want to share an overview of three new and improved features and enhancements that aim to boost and add more fun to your editing experience. 

Specifically, our team worked hard to add a new AI editing tool, improve our audio library, and make it easier to edit your media. We think these updates will change how you create and edit content, and we’re excited for you to try them out. 

Silence removal  

This new AI feature in Clipchamp can remove long boring silences in a snap. Silence removal allows you to find, trim and delete the silent parts of audio or video files. This is perfect for anyone who wants to tidy up their podcasts, meetings, interview videos and voiceovers, without having to spend hours tediously editing out silences bit by bit.  

To give it a try, simply select the track item and click the AI suggestions button on the toolbar, and then review and remove silences one by one or choose to remove all of them at once.  

Silence remover feature 

Available to all customers using a Personal account for free. The feature has started rolling out to customers using a Work account.  

New and exclusive audio tracks  

Our content library has had a major improvement in the quantity and quality of audio tracks. You can now find over 200 new exclusive stock audio tracks, plus intro and outro, 30-second and 60-second versions to use as background music in your next video. These exclusive to Clipchamp songs came from artists and are so catchy you’ll find yourself bopping along to your video as you edit. Not only that, but they are all copyright free, and free to use. You can listen to the full library of new tracks in our stock library and read more about it here.   

New royalty-free stock music 

Available to all customers using a Personal account. 

Small but mighty improvements to the editing experience  

Based on your feedback, we’ve made some updates to the editing experience:  

  • You can now add multiple track items to the timeline at once. Simply hold down the Shift key to select multiple items in your media library, and then click the plus button at the top of the library to add them all to the timeline. This is great news for users creating slideshow videos that contain many media assets.  
  • When freehand editing on the stage, you can now edit multiple items at once. To give it a try, hold down Shift key to select multiple items on the stage and move them around, as well as resize and rotate until your heart’s content.  
  • To allow you to further customize the position of your media in the stage, we’ve added the ability to freely rotate any item.  

Add multiple track items to the timeline at once 

Available to all customers using a Personal account, and has started rolling out to customers using a Work account.  


We’d love to hear from you! Personal account users can submit feedback here and Work account users can let us know what they think by using the Submit feedback button in the editor.  

If you love these updates, we’d like to invite you to join our Clipchamp creator community on Facebook, where our enthusiastic creators share and learn their video editing tips and tricks, submit feature requests and can chat directly with the Clipchamp team.  

More info  

For more information on the difference between Clipchamp for Work and Personal accounts, please visit our support page