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What’s New in the Microsoft 365 app – December 2023

Feature deep dive
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Hi, Microsoft 365 Insiders! My name is Lisa Svensson, and I’m a Senior Product Marketing Manager for the Microsoft 365 app (formerly the Office app) available on the web, desktop, iOS and Android devices. I’m excited to share another round-up of new features rolling out over the next month for the Microsoft 365 Insider community and Microsoft 365 consumers with a free account or paid subscription. 

What’s new in the Microsoft 365 app on the web and for Windows 

On the web at and the Microsoft 365 app for Windows, we’ve released the following new features that recommend apps best suited for your daily tasks, while reducing the number of steps needed to share content, edit, or delete files right from your Home screen. 

Find the right app for the job 

You can now get personalized app recommendations based on the role and activities you’re focused on. By answering a short 2-question survey, you can find the best tool for your tasks and make the best use of the various Microsoft 365 apps available. 

Two-question survey

Explore new ways to use your apps 

You can also learn more about new apps, features, and capabilities that you might not be aware of, helping to achieve a broader set of personal tasks. The Apps section includes featured app cards with engaging content and videos from product experts who share fun tips and tricks to get started on a new or current project with apps like Clipchamp and Designer

Apps section

Video from product experts

Share a file within the Microsoft 365 app 

We are bringing the ability to share a file directly from the Home or My Content screen. Simply click the More options (…) button next to a file name, and then select Share and put in the details of who you’d like to share the file with.  

Share file

Share linkDelete a file within the Microsoft 365 app 

You can now delete files directly from the Microsoft 365 app and free up some space in your OneDrive storage. On the Home or My Content screen, simply click the More options (…) button next to a file name, select Delete, and then click Yes, delete when prompted to confirm the deletion. 

NOTE: You can find the deleted items in your OneDrive Recycle Bin. Also note that you may not be able to delete some files depending on location and file ownership.  

Delete a file


Deletion confirmation prompt

Use the Microsoft 365 mobile app 

The Microsoft 365 mobile app is another way to stay productive on-the-go with access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more in one app that’s optimized for your phone.  


All features to be rolled out to Microsoft 365 consumer accounts by end of the (calendar) year. 


We want to hear from you! If you have any feedback or additional suggestions for improvements, please click Help > Feedback within the Microsoft 365 app or the Insider feedback channels here to share your thoughts.